AirTiles Wall Murals are stunning paintings in metal, spanning large surfaces (usually entire walls).  
Murals consist of a large number of panels that are combined to create beautiful large-scale artworks. The Graphics are transferred from vector files, meaning that Large-scale works maintain high-quality lines, regardless of size (as opposed to large-scale prints).

Our murals do not need framing of any type, they are almost seamless with the wall surface.

AirTiles metal wall Panels is an ultra-light (1.5Kg/2.2Lbs. per 1 sq.m/11 sq.ft) & thin (0.65mm/ ~1/32") aluminum panel, in silver or gold finish, with a selective decorative polymer coating (52 Colors available- see color chart) and protective coating. The beautiful panel creates the illusion of a metallic inlay.

Our panels are super easy to transport and install - optional Peel & Stick - removable or permanent. Murals create stunning visual impact and are very durable.

You can choose one of our designs below or request your own

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All murals are available in the following colors:
Available Worldwide - Free International Shipping 

"On My Vespa"- Brimstone Yellow(Y1) on Silver Aluminum

"Topography" Dark Grey(A5) on Gold Aluminum
"SkyFall" - Deep Sea Blue(B7) on Gold Aluminum
"Hair" White(A1) on Silver Aluminum
"Op-Art" Various Colors on Silver Aluminum
"Slave" - Black(A6) on gold aluminum
"Loud World" - White(A1) on Gold Aluminum
"Clouds" - Sky Blue(L3) on Silver Aluminum
"Humming Bird" White(A1) on Gold Aluminum
"Long Hot Summer" White(A1) on Silver Aluminum
"Garlic" Cream(M1) on Gold Aluminum
"Focus" Orange(R1) on Gold Aluminum
"NY in Black & Silver" Black(A6) on Gold Aluminum
"Leaf" Cream(M1) on Silver Aluminum
"Kiss" Brown(M5) on Silver Aluminum
"City Lights" Brown(M5) on Gold Aluminum
"Pisces" White(A1) on Gold Aluminum
"Achilles" Turquoise(T2) on Silver Aluminum
"Lace" Yellow(Y3) on Silver Aluminum
"Zebras" Various Colors on Silver Aluminum
"C.B. Sports" - Pastel Orange(Y6) on Silver Aluminum
"Butterfly" Dark Grey(A5) on Gold Aluminum
"Ganesha" Black(A6) on Gold Aluminum
"Capital Letters" Various Colors on Silver Aluminum

More Murals Coming Soon